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Feeding Laws

New feeding laws effective January 1,2021

Please note the updated feeding laws that will go into effect on January 1, 2020. Updated City Code Chapter 5, Article VII, Section 5-150: Animal Nuisances:

(7) The owner or keeper of an outdoor cat or keeper of a cat colony shall take all steps necessary to prevent a wildlife or pest feeding nuisance.The owner or keeper of an outdoor cat or caretaker of a cat colony shall be responsible for having the outdoor cat(s) under his or her care, possession, control or custody:

a. Fed species-specific food in a feeding dish that is non-disposable and facilitates the removal of uneaten food;

b. Not provided food that is left outside in a “free feed” environment;

c. Not fed in excess.SAFCC must often intervene and educate feeders when we receive complaints about outside cats being overfed. Overfeeding attracts other wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, and opossums, which upsets nearby businesses or neighbors. This results in feeding bans and cats coming to harm by poisoning, shooting, and dumping. Ultimately, the cats are the ones that suffer for human actions. We encourage all feeders to start adapting to the new rules now. We support ACS and the new laws and are aware it will require some adjustment for the feeders but ultimately it will benefit the cats. We appreciate everyone’s efforts in complying with the new laws. Thank you, SAFCC.