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Cat of the Month: Asher

My name is Asher and I am a 1.5 year old grey tabby! I came through a TNR clinic with my sister when we were just kittens but we were very sick. I have a corneal scar on one eye and my other eye had to have the third eyelid surgically reduced to spare my eyesight but I am able to see perfectly fine. Eventually it was found out I had an ear polyp too and I had this removed a few months ago! I'm all healed up with no medical issues or medications, just an occasionally watery eye and a wonderful personality to balance it out. I consider myself to be a comedian by trade and I'm a part of my foster home's welcoming committee, greeting everyone who comes in. I'm frequently found playing with and chasing my tail, sleeping upside down, running at maximum zoomie speed while making trilling noises.

I absolutely love kittens and I try to make friends everywhere I go! I would make a great big brother to a rambunctious single kitten; I'd teach them manners and put them in their place if they're naughty. I'm very sweet, snuggly, enjoy being cuddled and held! I'm playful like a kitten but I do so softly like a gentleman. I'm looking forward to having a home that's "mine" after over a year in foster care and I'm hopeful this is my time!

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