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Our Special Needs Adoptable Cats

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We do not ship our cats, provide any transportation, or do out of state adoptions.

To ensure the health and welfare of these adorable cats, all of our adoptable cats and kittens have been spayed/neutered, received a rabies shot/ vaccinations/ dewormer/ flea treatment and are microchipped.

In addition, with every cat adopted, you receive exclusive Petco coupons that will assist you in getting all the essentials for your new pet. For our adoption application please go here: Adoption Application

Please try an alternate method of communication (phone, text, email), or another person named, if you do not receive a response.  We don’t want to miss your inquiry!

You may–email the completed application to the Contact named in the post. You may also print, scan  OR  take phone pics and email to the Contact.

Only email to the Contact named in the bio for the kitty;  if not, we may not receive it!

Below is a list of cats that we have rescued and currently have available for adoption.


Jude, another victim of abandonment when his owners moved from a apartment complex.  Another house-cat put outings a world he had never seen much less knowing how to make a living on his own. There were other cats in the apartment also abandoned that had turned feral, but Jude never learned they did not want to be his friend, continually wearing his bloody lacerations.

The 2 ladies that had been feeding him received a notice that they would be evicted if they did not stop feeding the cats.  Because Jude was so sweet, they called SA Feral Cat Coalition for help. Sadly, through his vetting, we learned he has FIV which is understandable with as many times as he allowed himself to be beat up.  Jude simply will not fight back.  He shuts down curled in a ball and takes the abuse.

FIV is not contagious except through deep bite wounds to other cats and is not contagious to humans at all.  A household where there are no other cats would be perfect, although, he simply won’t fight…..  The perfect toy for kittens to harass.

This beautiful 7 year old, long hair is almost too sweet.  LOVES attention, is very vocal, a show off and plays by himself.  He enjoys combing for a little while, but prefers you just pet him and worship him.  Jude will sit on the lap, but most laps are not big enough for him, so he prefers to sit next to you.  He is a long, tall, massive cat. His boning makes me think of tree stumps.

Hopefully someone will find it in their heart to give this big doofus a secure caring home.

Email with questions

Apply online:


Melina was originally adopted from the Humane Society, but she was left behind when the owner moved. This happened 4 times until the resident renter called SAFCC when he was moving. Rumor on the street was someone was poisoning cats.

The young man, we’ll call Jay, had to catch Melina as she was friendly only to him. Jay could not bring her into his home, even during the 2021 freeze because of allergies. He said Melina was picked on by the neighborhood cats, chased by kids, and some even threw sticks and rocks at her.

Melina’s foster mom took her into her home, which was a first for Melina, as sadly her life had only been outdoors. A microchip was found but not surprisingly the registered owner would not call back.

Melina naturally was not good at trusting. It took several weeks to gain her trust and several more to allow being picked up. The foster mom did not know she had a voice, until a month ago during a lap session Melina began to purr! The foster mom stopped and asked Melina what that was all about, and she meowed!

Melina is still not open to company, but has turned into an attention hog whenever her foster mom appears.

Melina and her foster mom are hoping that although she has had to spend the first 9 years of her life insecure, that someone will find it in their heart to provide a home where she can enjoy security, regular meals, and affection.

Melina is a 9 year old female orange tabby and white cat, fully vetted, tested negative for FIV/FELV.

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Houston is a one year old soft gray and cream colored male cat who was born beneath a man’s trailer and was rescued when he was younger.  He is very sweet and lovable and loves people.  He gets along well with dogs and other cats.  However, Houston has had two seizures now.  Both were precipitated by placing him in a carrier for transport.  He is otherwise healthy and playful and you would never even guess that he has ever had a seizure.  He has been evaluated by a vet after each seizure and the vet thinks that his seizures may be triggered by fear/stress. 

We have used a harness and leash the only time he has been outside the house since then and there has been no further seizure activity.  He does not require medication or anything special other than avoiding closed in carriers (he might do fine in something like a wire kennel for transport).  He is one of the sweetest cats we have ever had (as is all of his brothers–this whole litter is sweet). He has been neutered, microchipped, and has had all of his vaccinations (I believe he will be due again in November)

Contact: Lesa –  For a faster reply please send email directly.


Sunny is a orange and white tabby cat that was abandoned on the streets.  He was obviously loved and cared for at one time.  He has a microchip but the phone numbers are not working numbers.  He was rescued from the campus of retirement villas, so I believe that his pet parent may have either become unable to care for him or passed away and the family put him out.  He had been out for several months when the security guard notified me and there was another feral tom cat there that was seen jumping on him.  I believe that is where he contracted FIV. 

He has never been ill with any infections since I have had him but he does have renal disease.  This is being controlled very well with medications.  He lives with other cats here at my house but would prefer to be an only pet.  He does not like dogs and would also not do well with another dominant male cat.  He is definitely a lap kitty and loves to give snuggle!  I believe he is about 8-9 years old. He is neutered and has all of his vaccinations (he will be due in December).

Contact: Lesa –  For a faster reply please send email directly.

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