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Feeding outside cats? Get them fixed before they multiply. Sign up for our TNR Classes!

The first step is to attend a free, 65 minute class. The class will tell you everything you need to know and will provide a useful handout. We will also loan you traps to use and give you clinic info for free or low cost surgeries. Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is easy!


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We are not a shelter. We are all volunteers who work out of our homes.

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Primary Services

What We Do

Trap Neuter & Return

This class teaches you how to trap .We help pay for every cat brought in by trappers. 


We have a home-based foster program, that operates out of some Petco and PetSmart stores.


We work with SNAP, San Antonio Humane Society, Animal Defense League, and more. 

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Community News

Help Us Reach A 5 Star Rating!

Help Us Reach A 5 Star Rating!

Four new Google reviews came in this month and we now have a total of 179 reviews and a 4.7 star rating on Google! If you have had a great experience with our organization, we highly encourage you to leave us a review to highlight the help you received. Everyone affiliated with SAFCC devotes so much time to helping cats all over Bexar County. From answering Helpline calls, educational endeavors, TNR training, trapping assistance, and fostering, we appreciate your support! If you would like to leave a Google review, click here. No Google email is necessary to review us! Thank you!

Special Thank You To TAMUSA Students

Special Thank You To TAMUSA Students

We would like to give a special thank you and shout out to Texas A&M University of San Antonio’s PR students for helping with social media posts for our organization all last month to promote our events. With their help, we received lots of engagement and successful turnouts at our events. Thank you to all students who participated in helping your local cat organization!

In Loving Memory of Molly Talerico Sumpter

In Loving Memory of Molly Talerico Sumpter

One of our close friends and long-time supporters lost her nearly 16 year old cat, Molly Talerico Sumpter, May 16th from bladder cancer. Molly was adopted from ASPCA Houston in 2008 where she survived Hurricane Ike. Molly would later make her way to Virginia where she would endure Hurricane Irene in 2010. Her signature purr was like a motor of a Harley-Davidson, making Molly a hurricane in her own right. She then returned to her home state and lived the rest of her years in San Antonio.

Molly brought so much joy to her family. She was very chatty and loved to tell her paw-rents and grand-paw all about her day and what her siblings Fredo and Pandy did. She enjoyed her cat tunnel, empty boxes and brown bags. She even played fetch and baseball with crumbled pieces of paper. In lieu of flowers, donations in Molly’s honor were made to our organization by those who loved Molly.

May you Rest In Peace Molly.

SAHS Spay/Neuter Updates

SAHS Spay/Neuter Updates

The San Antonio Humane Society will not be accepting ferals for spay/neuter surgeries on the following days in June:

  • 9th
  • 16th
  • 23rd
  • 28th
Thank You Dragonfly Veterinary Services

Thank You Dragonfly Veterinary Services

Dragonfly Veterinary Services is participating in the 12th annual Feral Fix Challenge. This is a global event by Alley Cat Rescue that encourages and invites veterinarians to participate in TNR surgeries at low to no cost. These surgeries also include providing rabies vaccines. A total of 150,000 community cats have benefited from this global event and we are honored to partner with Dr Bridgeman and her team to participate in this worthy event!

Thank You Petco

Thank You Petco

Thank you Petco for providing 300 free surgeries for us. We are one of the fortunate grant recipients through Petco Love, and we took the opportunity to provide free spay/neuter surgeries to our community. We appreciate the San Antonio Humane Society for being our partner clinic in this grant. Now there are 300 less cats who are on the street contributing to overpopulation!

Trap Loan & Helpline Volunteer Luncheon

Trap Loan & Helpline Volunteer Luncheon

Our delicious pot luck luncheon for our Trap Loan and Helpline team took place on May 20th and was hosted by our Trap Loan Coordinator, Marte Kellogg and our Trap Loan Volunteers. Everyone who came out had a wonderful time visiting and enjoying great food!

We are excited to continue to have our volunteers and couldn’t do what we do without them.

In Purrrson TNR Classes

In Purrrson TNR Classes

In person classes were held at select public libraries in honor of National Pet Week, May 7th – 13th. Pictured below are Dagne Fisher, Emily Garcia, Yvonne and Daphne Saldivar at the Pruitt Public Library. Our educational team may have more opportunities for in person classes. Thank you, Yvonne, for presenting and making this possible!

Paw-ther’s Day June 18th

Paw-ther’s Day June 18th

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there including Cat & Dog dads. We hope your day includes your loved ones showing you just how much you mean to them. One of our favorite things about cat dads is their initiative to make their cat’s life a little easier. Whether it’s building them a cat house or keeping up with the latest technology that best serves them. We hope you get lots of purrs and slow blinks from your cat thanking you for all that you do for them.

Cat of the Month

Cat of the Month: Felix

Cat of the Month: Felix

Felix is a big chonk of a cat with an even bigger purr-sonality. His ideal home is where he is the king of the house, or where he can be his lazy, chill self. He expresses his opinion by letting you know what he wants when he wants it. He will ask for pets and cuddles, time to chill, or to play with his favorite toys. 

He’s been in our adoption centers for a while now, but it’s difficult not to love this oversize tabby. Once you understand him and his boundaries, you can’t help but gravitate toward his stately presence. He is known to roll over when he feels comfortable around you. Remember, it’s a trap. Tummy is off-limits, but you are free to enjoy his company. 

Felix enjoys being a lap cat making his biscuit while receiving his dues via pets. If you are in need of a weighted blanket that you can pet, Felix is your cat. He can be a bit nippy when he is playful or not getting the attention he wants. This is why we think a household with older children that can understand boundaries is best for this cat. 

While we don’t know where this big baby came from, we hope he finds his forever castle and family.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Felix, please fill out our adoption form here.

Help save a life

San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation that depends on donations to sustain its operations. We appreciate every donation, no matter the amount. Every penny donated is used in some capacity to help feral and stray cats. 

Adopt & Foster

Before adopting or handing over a found cat or kitten, please contact to confirm the person is actually one of our fosters. It has come to our attention that people not affiliated with SAFCC are claiming to be fosters.

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