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SAFCC offers free Trap-Neuter Return classes to the public which are available on-line. Learn how you can help outdoor community cats using the ONLY method that works.

By attending one class, you will learn the basics about the TNR process; how to safely and humanely manage and reduce the outdoor cat population numbers; low-cost spay/neuter options; free trap loan resources; after-surgery recovery protocols; and how to help solve cat nuisance problems.

To learn more about our TNR classes please click this link.


Help Cats Stay Cool This August

August is the hottest month in Texas. Strays will continue to be exposed to these hot temperatures of sometimes over 100 degrees and need our help to keep them as cool as possible. Kitten season continues and the hot temperatures not only result in reproduction, but also dehydration and even heat stroke for all outdoor cats. Here are some simple things you can do to help our community cats.

Provide Water In Cool Areas: Water evaporates quickly in hot temperatures. When leaving a bowl of water, try to place them in cooler areas and away from direct sunlight. If you notice a community cat frequenting certain areas, these are also good places to leave some water.

Share Your Hedges: Ever wonder why cats love to roll in the dirt? It’s because dirt helps keep cats cool and why they love to lay under some hedges or in busy plantation. Sometimes cats will even lay under your tree if the soil underneath is cool enough.

Use Damp Towels: Most cats hate getting wet, but their stomach and paws are the hottest part of their bodies. A damp towel for them to lay on will help cool down their body temperatures.

Hydration is the most important factor for any living being. If anything, it is crucial that community cats have access to fresh water daily. Don’t forget to provide a bowl of water for them today!

Feral Surgery Updates

There continues to be a shortage of spay/neuter spots for outside cats right now. This is resulting in many more unwanted litters which will result in more cats and kittens’ suffering and acts of cruelty in our community. We are still encouraging trappers to focus on females, especially those who are pregnant. Please do not be discouraged and continue to help us advocate for more spay/neuter resources for our community cats!

We keep our website up to date and trappers should always check our site before trapping for last minute changes. The only subsidy clinic ($20 fee) open right now is the Humane Society on Fredericksburg Rd. They accept 10 ferals per day and trappers should plan to get there early – as early as 5AM.

The Humane Society will NOT have feral surgeries on the following dates in August:

  • Aug.3rd
  • Aug 10th
  • Aug 17th
  • Aug 24th
  • Aug 26th
  • Aug 31st

Special “Thank You” to Our Donors

Angel Disaster Response

The Angel Disaster Response organization has been the “guardian angel” for hundreds of our community cats. We cannot thank them enough for their amazing, ongoing support of our organization and its mission. It’s always empowering when organizations stand together to help advocate for the change they want to see in the world. Angel Disaster Response supports the well-being of outside cats and our goal of having a safer and more humane environment for them to live in. We do not know how we can thank the Angel Disaster Response team for their life-saving gifts, helping us give so many community cats a second chance.


Anonymous Donor in Memory of Lynne Proffitt



It always warms our hearts knowing that there are many people who support what we do and care for community cats. This was a very heartfelt donation that included this note. All donations we receive go directly back to the community cats who need our help every day. We really do have the best community of supporters! Thank you to everyone who has donated to our organization!





Remember Girls On The Run?

You may remember when we talked about visiting Escondido Elementary School to teach Girls On The Run the basis of TNR and how this helps our community cats. The girls of this organization were inspired to collect donations for our organization when they noticed two community cats roaming their school’s property.

These young girls were able to raise $220 for our organization and we did get the two cats, Minizz and Morris neutered! Way to go girls! We are honored that you chose to support our organization as your community service project.

A Community Cat’s Life

#BIGGIVE2022 Is Just Around The Corner!

Just popping in to say that Big Give 2022 is just around the corner!

September 22nd will be here before we know it and many community cats need your help to enhance their nine lives. Cats are naturally independent animals, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need help with their current situations. According to ASPCA, only 35% of American Households are cat owners and 530,000 cats who are in shelters will be euthanized by the end of 2022.

Your donations on September 22 – 23rd will help millions of cats know we have not forgotten about them and that we can give them a chance at a better life. We have a few highlights of some community cats we have helped the past month that we hope inspire you to mark your calendars for our biggest fundraiser of the year! keep looking out for your community cats!

Following a Stray Cat’s Journey…Virtually

Stray is a video game that follows the journey of a stray cat who gets separated from its cat colony and into a new world! Since the game’s release on July 19th, 2022, the game has gained world-wide recognition and currently has a 4.8 star rating! This video game has won the hearts of so many cat lovers and animal advocates who play to help the stray cat return back to its colony. The game’s publisher, Annapurna Interactive, and two U.K. based cat charities, worked together and raised $7,000 to go towards cats in need! Even cat icon, Jackson Galaxy, has streamed himself playing Stray!

We hope this game will help enlighten our younger generation about the journey that many lost strays need to go through before they find a good home. If you cannot adopt or donate, you can still make a difference by being kind to community cats and educating friends and family on the importance of TNR. If you or someone you know loves video games, check out the game Stray! Your cat may even begin meowing back at your TV!

Beginning the Road to Recovery

It’s not every day that an animal hospital contacts one of our fosters for help. One of our fosters was asked if they could foster a kitten that the hospital was helping nurse back to health. The veterinarian helping this kitten believed that the kitten pictured above was worth fighting for. If no foster was found for it, the kitten would be euthanized. This kitten was taken in by a good Samaritan who found the cat laying in the street with tire marks. The kitten also had swollen head and eyes and an upper respiratory infection.

The SAFCC foster agreed to take in the kitten and the hospital agreed to incur all medical expenses for kitten. The kitten went for his check up and he is doing very well now. Swelling is down, and we are happy to know that he is not blind can move his neck normally. He has been released by the vet and is doing so much better than when we found him. A side effect of overpopulation is animal cruelty. We have discovered and been informed about many kittens like this one and this is another reason we need to continue to TNR. No animal should have to suffer the harsh life of cruelty. If you are able to, we would appreciate any donations to our Cat Crisis Fund and for our website to be shared as an educational resource to TNR Bexar County. Donate here.

George’s Heroes

George, a TNR’d cat, appeared on my porch in terrible condition. He was underweight and clearly starving. After numerous attempts to feed him, it became clear he had pain in his mouth and was traumatized about eating food. Desperate to help him, I reach out to SAFCC. Two wonderful ladies stepped in to help George. SAFCC’s president, Shery, and one of their devoted volunteers, Sandy, sprung into action and helped George begin his long-overdue road to recovery.

Without Sherry and Sandy, George would have suffered outside until it was time for him to cross the rainbow bridge. Sandy quickly transported George to a veterinarian, who gave him some temporary relief. Unwilling to let him go until we got to the root of the problem, I spoke to Sherry expressing my concerns and the idea that he may end up in the same situation was unconscionable. Sherry who-heartedly agreed with me and arranged for George to be seen by their privately contracted veterinarian. 

Sandy contacted more volunteers, Karla and Mary, to assist in transporting George to his vet appointments. On the day of his appointment, Karla picked up George from Sandy and stayed with him for over 4 hours! Mary was on stand-by in case she needed to step in for anything.

George was treated for a broken tooth, mouth inflammation, and an ulcer in his throat. Karla returned him to Sandy who provided a comfortable and safe place to stay throughout his treatment and recovery. Sandy was so kind and ensured George was able to eat comfortably. Because of this organization’s generosity, dedication, and love for our San Antonio strays, this cat is going to have a long and happy life.

George is now at home with me as he requires an extended period of recovery. He’s adjusting to his new environment quite well and has a very sweet and loving personality. Thanks to this organization, this cat has found a forever home with me. Your donations to the SAFF made all this possible for George. George is just one of many others, who no longer have to suffer and now have the life they deserve. No words can express my gratitude. Sherry, Sandy, Karla, Mary, and many other volunteers truly go above and beyond to care for these babies. You guys are amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Adoption Success!

One of our black kittens, Laney, caught the attention of a nice family who wanted a black kitten. After reading Laney’s bio, they saw that her brother Jess, was also available for adoption. Both kittens were going to be up for adoption at the Petco located in Stone Oak. Petco received a call once they opened and spoke with Parker, one of our amazing SAFCC fosters, to verify the kittens were there. Parker also directed the family on how to fill out an adoption application.

In no time, the application was forwarded, and we were able to text the family about the kittens by 11 a.m.! Oh, and this kind family was communicating with us from Leander, TX!

We met the family at the store during our adoption event and they couldn’t stop telling us how responsive and helpful we all were! At the end of it all, two very sweet kittens, that had been in the SAFCC program for a while, got to go home together! It takes a village to get kittens healthy, socialized, and adoptable. The best reward is seeing empty crates after our adoption events.

We would like to give a personal shout out to our volunteer Parker! Parker, you played a crucial part in this adoption’s success. We know the communication between our volunteers and potential adopters is crucial to the success of our organization. Your help got two kittens adopted by a kind family.

Looking forward to more adoptions and getting all cats and kittens to loving homes!

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Last year you may remember us asking you to help us earn a Great Nonprofit badge and we need to make sure we get this renewed this year. Please visit our Great Nonprofits page and leave us a review if SAFCC helped you and your cat this year!

Traps Still Available for Sale

We still have traps for sale for those who have completed our online class and are ready to start TNR. We are asking everyone to prioritize pregnant cats and females due to the shortage of spay/neuter slots for ferals in our city. We know that cats can get pregnant as young as 4 months. If you are feeding a female, she will get pregnant, so the sooner she is spayed the better. Regular sized traps sell for $85 and Big Boys for bigger cats sell for $105.


Green Traps for Sale

We also have green traps selling for $90 each!

These traps are the same size as our regular sized traps. Please contact us via email or call our Helpline at 210-877-9067 if you would like to purchase any of our traps.


Google Reviews: 4.7 Stars!

We are now at 4.7 stars according to Google! Our small organization now has 123 reviews from the community and because of that, we are close to a 5-star rating! Everyone affiliated with SAFCC devotes so much time to helping cats all over Bexar County. These reviews reflect the hard work of our volunteers. From answering Helpline calls, educational endeavors, TNR training, trapping assistance, and fostering, we appreciate your recognition. We love knowing how we helped our community and community cats. Help us get our rating up! Direct link to leave a Google Review is here. Keep up the great work team SAFCC!!

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