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SAFCC offers free TNR classes. These classes are open to the public and are available both on-line and in-person. Learn how you can help outdoor community cats using the ONLY method that works!

By attending one class, you will learn the basics about the TNR process; how to safely and humanely manage and reduce the outdoor cat population numbers; low-cost spay/neuter options; free trap loan resources; after-surgery recovery protocols; and how to help solve cat nuisance problems.

To learn more about our TNR classes please click this link.

SAFCC receives $2,500 from PetSmart Charities

The San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition has received an unrestricted grant in the amount of $2,500 from PetSmart Charities. This contribution is part of the PetSmart Charities Emergency Relief program and is to help support our organization’s mission in a time of natural disaster. The pandemic effected SAFCC as it did many other local organizations. With many clinic closures and an increase in phone calls for help with trapping and for medical care for community cats, our spending in some areas increased tremendously. Thanks to PetSmart Charities, this donation will be put to good use!

Catch of the day: truly a family affair

In March 2020 while healing from two broken arms and having just gone into pandemic stay-at-home mode, Sandy had some time and a desire to do something positive. She had seen the outdoor cat population in her condo complex grow for years. When a beautiful, very pregnant calico came to her patio one morning, it was time do something and be part of a change.

Sandy contacted SAFCC and with help from the Trapper Team started TNR. Her HOA Board offered to pay the $20 surgery fee if she would fix all the cats in the complex. In only two months, 28 cats were spayed/neutered as Sandy made it a game to outsmart them. Her grandson helped and still talks about how fun trapping was. Her whole family took part as each cat was named after a family member. Sandy posted pictures, and
everyone enjoyed seeing when a cat was named after them. The first cat was named in honor of Sandy’s mother who had recently passed and had been very involved in cat rescue. TNR has made a difference by stopping the population growth at Sandy’s condo complex and by giving the cats a healthier life.

Adoption success story

This cute tabby is Starchild. She came into our Community Cat Adoption Program as a bottle baby and was adopted from one of our PetSmart Adoption Centers into a wonderful home. Starchild now has a four-legged best friend that she loves to snuggle with.

Starchild’s mom, Melanie loves taking pictures of the two buddies together. Starchild is her furry bundle of joy. Thanks to our grant from PetSmart Charities we will be able to rescue even more kitties like Starchild this year!

Cat of the month: Pangur Ban

Pangur Ban, a beautiful white cat with icy blue eyes, was a regular visitor to his finder’s home for years. One day, he disappeared for a long time only to reappear with a paw that was dangling and unusable. When Pangur was examined before having his paw amputated, he combo tested positive for FIV. It was also discovered that he has chronic feline herpesvirus which causes watery eyes and sneezing when he is stressed ( a common illness for outdoor, unvaccinated cats.) This poor guy couldn’t catch a break!

Fortunately, Pangur Ban is incredibly sweet, loving, and fine with other cats. He is actually quite submissive and enjoys acting as a big brother to kittens. He loves to roll around and be scratched on his big cheeks. He’s playful and inquisitive and very vocal! He would be fine in a home with other cats as long as they are not territorial and are protected from herpes with the FVRCP vaccination. FIV only spreads through mating and deep bite wounds from fighting and he is neutered and very chill, so no worries there! He also doesn’t appear to be deaf, despite his fur and eye color combo. He is ready to find his forever home thanks to the efforts of his rescuers and is looking forward to a long, happy life! If you are interested in adopting Pangur Ban, please email his foster mom Melissa at

The adoption fee of $85.00 includes spay, rabies & FVRCP shots, feline leukemia and FIV tests and a microchip. For all of our adoptable cats, please visit our PetFinder page HERE.

iGive $5 New Member Spring Promo Days!

For every new iGive member referred between the Ides of March* and Tax Day*, we’ll give San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition an extra $5 for every new member who makes their first purchase by May Day! New members have until May Day* to make their qualifying purchase.

Donate your car to SAFCC

Thanks so much to Margo B. for donating her car to SAFCC through Vehicles for Charity. SAFCC received $420 as a result of her thoughtful generosity! Contributions like this make it possible for us to continue our rescue and TNR efforts that reduce the suffering and over-population of cats in San Antonio.
Donating your old vehicle to San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition is convenient, easy, and may qualify you for a tax deduction. And best of all, your donation of a used car or truck will make a big difference in supporting San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition.

Why not donate your vehicle today? All you need to do is to complete our simple online form HERE or call 1-866-628-2277 and Vehicles for Charity will take care of the rest.

Free spay/neuter surgery for 333 community cats in 78212 and 78209

We are grateful to the Petco Foundation for awarding us this grant to fix 333 outside cats in the 78209 and 78212 zip codes for free. The rabies vaccination is included, however any other vaccinations are at the trapper’s expense. Trapper must show proof of residence in 78212 and 78209.

Start Date: August 1, 2020
Participating Clinics: San Antonio Humane Society, Brooks Spay/Neuter Clinic and Hill Country Animal League in Boerne.

Click HERE to view the grant flyer for details. Grant ends May 2021 or until 333 cats are fixed. If you do not reside in these zip codes, please visit our website HERE to see what surgery specials are available.

Help us continue to do this important work for our city, please DONATE!