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SAFCC offers free TNR classes. These classes are available on-line. Learn how you can help outdoor community cats using the ONLY method that works! By attending one class, you will learn the basics about the TNR process; how to safely and humanely manage and reduce the outdoor cat population numbers; low-cost spay/neuter options; free trap loan resources; after-surgery recovery protocols; and how to help solve cat nuisance problems.

On-line TNR Class:
The on-line class can be viewed on a computer (recommended) or a phone at any time. After you submit the form, an email will be sent to you. To receive instructions for watching the on-line class, please fill out this on-line form HERE.

Upcoming Events

March 17th – St. Catricks Day

Wear your favorite green items and hopefully your cat won’t pinch or paw at you!




March 30th – April 2nd

We CANNOT wait for The Amazing Acro Cats featuring Tuna and the Rock Cats to come to our beautiful Alamo City on March 30th – April 2nd! As their rescue partner, our organization will receive a percentage of the proceeds raised for this show. Our dedicated volunteers will also be there to help the Acro Cats staff so say Hi to us when you attend! Get your tickets now!


Date TBD

The San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition is going to be launching a new website soon! While we do not have a specific date, we are very close to completion. Our team is ecstatic about showing a new look to our online resources. Stay tuned for more updates about this new launch by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook & Instagram.

Petco Love Grant

Petco Love sent us $1,000 for our participation in their Make More Merry Adoption Event. Pictured with their new mom is our friend Buckwheat who is part of a happy family now. We hope to use these funds to continue to provide proper placement for adoptable cats who need a loving home!

Thank you to Petco Love for always supporting the work we do for these cats and kittens!

Community News

Petco Love Grant Provides 50 Free Surgeries


The freezing temps did not keep trappers from cashing in on free spay/neuter at the San Antonio Humane Society, on Friday, Feb 17th, thanks to our grant from Petco Love!


All 50 slots were filled with cats and kittens who needed their spay/neuter surgeries. Thank you to everyone who made this a successful turnout!

Photo credit: Thanks to Susan Schmahlenberger for the great photos!

SAFCC in the News

Our President, Sherry Derdak, was interviewed by reporter, Richard A Marini to discuss the concerns of the growing feral cat population in San Antonio, TX. Other cat experts discuss topics ranging from TNR, Why San Antonio has so many stray cats, and the obstacles our community faces when trying to get these cats and kittens the surgeries they need. Read the full article here.

Heloise Tells it Like it is

Such a timely article written by Heloise was released in the Express News and other news outlets. An appalling 3.7 million animals are euthanized in our country annually. This number does not include community cats who have lost their lives from living in harsh conditions. Read full article here.

Heartwarming Reunion

Never underestimate the power of a microchip! Mango was an apartment complex stray, being fed by a kind and compassionate person. The feeder realized how tame Mango was so she contacted us in hopes of getting Mango into our adoption program.

Mango had a microchip! Our folks contacted the owner who was thrilled to get his cat back after it had been missing for 3 months! Mango is not telling how he travelled 12 miles from one apartment complex to another – hitched a ride, maybe?

Mango is just glad to be back home with his owner who had given up hope of ever seeing him again. What a beautiful reunion!

Trappers and Feeders Work Together to Help Cat Colony – A story by SAFCC Volunteers

San Antonio is full of cat colonies that start when cats are dumped by humans. Many of these colonies are near apartment complexes, where folks dump pregnant cats or get evicted and leave their animals behind. This is a story about one team of volunteers who feed 5 colonies in one neighborhood with about 50 cats total.

One of the colony caretakers, MaryKate, has a family of black cats at her own home, and caught the black kitten, Wolfie, when he was about 10 weeks old. She intended to foster him and adopt him out, as she already had 3 cats. He had a horrible case of ringworm, and tried to climb the walls of the kennel at first! He was eager to eat some wet food though, but remained really too skittish to adopt out. As the weeks passed, MaryKate’s family fell in love with Wolfie, and including their resident tuxedo cat Vincent Price. Wolfie is now a member of the family, and a fond reminder of our colony care-taking!


To: San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition

Thank you so much for helping Kitty Witty who was dying on my door steps. I and other neighbors had been feeding her for approximately 5 years. She was a good hunter on her own, but we helped her out when birds, insects, and reptiles were scarce. It appears she was fed or got access to some kind of poison.

I called so many places to help her, but no one responded except the SAFCC. Ms. Donna was so helpful, she rallied the calvary to help Kitty Witty. Ms. Ella came to put Kitty Witty in a trap for me to take her to the 24hr Animal Hospital. I informed Ms. Donna I could not see well at night so Ms. Lynette came in the dark and rain to take Kitty Witty. Unfortunately, she had to be euthanized, but at least she was no longer in pain. May God bless you all for what you do for these cats that have no one else to advocate for them. Please see attached, $50.00 donation.


Refugee Foster

Best Friends Animal society sent us a $500 donation from the National Adoption Event in December 2022. They are a nonprofit in Utah who work tirelessly to make shelters No-Kill communities for animals. We are always inspired by all that they do for animals. Read their story here.


Help us Reach a 5 Star Rating

We now have 154 total reviews and a 4.7 star rating on Google! Everyone affiliated with SAFCC devotes so much time to helping cats all over Bexar County. From answering Helpline calls, educational endeavors, TNR training, trapping assistance, and fostering, we appreciate your support! If you would like to leave a Google review, click here. No Google email is necessary to review us! Way to go team SAFCC!


Styrofoam Shelters Still Available

The SAFCC Feral Shelter Program has plenty of Styrofoam shelters available. We may be past freezing temps, but shelters can also be used to protect feral cats from summer heat. We also have pallets and straw available to those who need it. This is at no cost for colony feeders or anyone needing to protect ferals, but we of course always appreciate donations.

Please contact feralshelters@sanantonioferalcats.org with your name and phone number so we can contact you with further details.

Cat of the Month: Charm

Charm is a year and a half old tabby who is incredibly affectionate. She's vocal but has a very soft whisper of a voice. She loves to make biscuits on your lap and get pets! She likes other cats but is a bit shy at first. Charm also has a sensitive stomach and needs someone to help her maintain a consistent diet. If her tummy gets upset probiotics set her right quickly and she is back to her calm and collected self!

Apply to meet and adopt Charm here.


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