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SAFCC offers free Trap-Neuter Return classes to the public which are available on-line. Learn how you can help outdoor community cats using the ONLY method that works.

By attending one class, you will learn the basics about the TNR process; how to safely and humanely manage and reduce the outdoor cat population numbers; low-cost spay/neuter options; free trap loan resources; after-surgery recovery protocols; and how to help solve cat nuisance problems.

To learn more about our TNR classes please click this link.


The Big Give

The Big Give 2021 is less than a month away! This big day is from midnight to midnight on Thursday September 23, 2021. As our biggest fundraiser, the support you give during The Big Give is meaningful to the work we do.

How can you support SAFCC during The Big Give?

You can sign up to be a fundraiser on behalf of SAFCC. Create your page and tell family and friends why SAFCC is important to you and to support SAFCC by making a donation. Get started by visiting our page and click the FUNDRAISE button.

Share our message about The Big Give on September 23! Forward our emails, share our social media posts and let people know how this giving day helps our work throughout the year!

Give early! The Big Give website will open one week before from September 16 through September 22 for early giving so you won’t have to worry about missing the big day.

This year we are competing for prizes against larger organizations so our success in bringing in dollars depends on you, our friends, volunteers and supporters! Just one $10 donation from you and all your friends and family helps us!

However you choose to do it, we hope you will support SAFCC during the Big Give 2021. Visit our page.

Bracketville TNR Presentation

As a best-practice TNR Program, other cities and towns ask us how to start their own program and we are always happy to help! Brackettville, TX, was one such town and all it takes is one dedicated, motivated individual to get started.

Brackettville offered free accommodations, along with a free meal and Yvonne took the bait! Yvonne is the presenter on our TNR training video and also heads up our Cat Advocacy Team so we sent our best! Yvonne spent 2 days in Brackettville and gave 2 presentations, further convincing the town folk that TNR is the way to go in helping to control their growing cat population. If only all groups were this easy to convince! They were very appreciative and left us several 5 star reviews on our Google business page.

Thank you, Yvonne, for representing SAFCC well and for always doing such a great job!

Thank You For Supporting our CCAP Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who supported us this past month for our CCAP Giving Grid fundraiser!

With the help of our supportive community we raised $5,118.00!!

No words can express our gratitude towards everyone who donated to this cause. We could not help our community cats without those who recognize the importance of getting them the help they need.


We Are Looking For More Volunteers

We are currently seeking trap loan volunteers and respite foster volunteers!

For those interested in applying to be a Respite Foster Volunteer, we are looking for volunteers who are interested in being a short-tern foster!

Compassionate respite fosters are needed to temporarily step in to watch foster cats who are currently in the care of a permanent SAFCC foster parent or to provide our cubicle cats a temporary home to run around and stretch their legs!

An ideal volunteer for this role is someone who: can temporarily provide a few weeks to care for our adoptable cats and kittens; is experienced in caring for cats of all ages; is interested in being a short term foster.

For Trap Loaner Volunteers, we specifically need help in the downtown area. Requirements for this opportunity are:

Storing up to 20 traps (3′ x 5′ x 5′)
Responsive to all phone and email requests within 24 hours
Trained by our TNR class
Subscribed to the SAFCC newsletter
Experience in trapping is a plus!

If you are interested in one of these opportunities, please fill out a volunteer application.

Cat Crisis Fund Helps Community Cats Like Smokey

On May 19th, one of our primary fosters was informed by a Petsmart manager of an injured cat seen on their loading dock. The injured cat was found in the dumpster area and was also very skinny and stressed. After some coaxing with food he went into a carrier and Rebecca was able to take him home and named him Smokey. It was suspected that Smokey had a broken pelvis due to the limited use of his back legs and he was also favoring one of his front legs. A fresh ear tip indicated he had recently been neutered and he was discovered to be a cryptorchid!

After a flea treatment, deworming, and a good meal, Smokey was feeling much better! The vet confirmed he had a broken pelvis and a large shoulder abscess was drained. Good news was his FIV/FELV test came back negative. Cage rest for 8 weeks was recommended for his broken pelvis and he has continued to enjoy Rebecca’s hospitality and gaining weight.

We could not have helped cats like Smokey without the help of our Cat Crisis Fund. Donate here to help cats like Smokey.

Global Cat Day is October 16th

SAFCC would like to celebrate Global Cat Day this year by earning a Great Non Profit Badge!

Help us reach this goal by doing one of the following:

Share your story with us! We would love to hear how our organization has helped you in any way. Find us on social media or email us!

Leave us a Google review! We need to maintain a rating of 3.5 stars or higher!

Invite friends, family, and businesses to share their experiences with us too.

If the work we do is important to you, obtaining a Great Nonprofit badge would help us generate more donations and increase donor trust, recognition, and exposure. We want to celebrate the love for cats in our community and want to hear from you! If you have 3 minutes to leave us a review, please go to Great Nonprofits to share your story.

Cat of the month: Cheeky

Cheeky may look big and intimidating, but he is over 17 lbs of cuddles!

He was originally a street cat, but he won us over with his award winning personality and is given a chance at adoption. Cheeky enjoys lounging in high places during the day, his ideal family would have a cat tree waiting for him!

He is indifferent towards dogs, and gets along with most cats. Human attention is what Cheeky craves most. Pick him up, hug him, pet him, he wants it all.

If you are interested in adopting Cheeky, please email us at:


Help us continue to do this important work for our city, please DONATE!