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Contact: Email his foster mom Donna.
This is Bleu, a neutered male Russian blue cross. I rescued him as a kitten & he was quickly adopted by a military couple. They named him General Eisenhower. He was an “only child” with them a year & a half when the husband was suddenly redeployed to Afghanistan & the wife discovered she was pregnant with their first child. She planned to live with her in-laws during the pregnancy & they didn’t want the cat. So they returned him to me. I renamed him Bleu because he has the dark amber eyes of a French Chartreuse. He is very big – nearly 20 lbs!

Bleu is very social, a cuddler, & talkative. But he does not like sharing space with any of my other cats & fosters. He likes being an “only child” & pretty much detests his own species. I’ve tried introducing him to submissive females, kittens, laid back old cats with no success. He has been in seclusion in my study for over a year & is so lonely. He needs a forever home with no other pets. A retiree would be ideal.


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