In Memory of our Beloved Family and Friends …

In loving memory of my sweet cat, Gloria, who passed away peacefully last month. She was almost 14 years old. She lived a wonderful life and was the best companion I could ever ask for. I miss her so much. – DeAndra N.

In honor and memory of Karin Ritenour – Brigitte D.

Yaki – Margaret G.

Donated in memory of Ms. Virginia Fair Russ – Christopher S.

In memory of Dennis Mollgaard, Sr. – Elizabeth Y.

In honor of Nairobi – A loving cat who was recently hit by a car and had to be put down. – Gabriela N.

Chuck, This donation is in loving memory of your wonderful cat – loving wife, Denise. May you be comforted by all the warm memories of Denise with your rescues over the years. – Susan M.

Gemma, Atticus, Scout, Drogo, and Chole. Gone but not forgotten. – Donna H.

Ronald Porfilio’s brother Tony Porfilio works with our company Beacon Partners. Tony told us his brother was involved in the feral cat spay and nueter effort. We wanted to make a memorial in his name and in Tony’ s honor. – Anne R.

Helle Jae (Evan) O’Regan – Jann F.

Capote Nobles, your human daddy loved you very much every minute you were with him. – Pamela G.

All the kittens I’ve helped who didn’t make it. – Maria T.

Donation in memory of Claudette Lamphier. – Nette D.

In honor of Scar. – Kelly G.

In honor of Roxanne. – Kathryn P.

Missey, Rescued from the streets of San Antonio. Gone too soon. – Gene J.

In memory of Claudette Lamphier. – Nettie D.

In memory of Boots. – Grace F.

For Linda Hair’s Feral Furbabies spaying, Luna,Sol, Nova, Blackhorn,Paintbrush,Spitfire,TinTina, Mittens. – Dawn C.

In loving memory of Kitty, aka Socrates. A majestic feral cat, dearly loved. Rest in peace, Kitty. – Shirley G.

This gift is in memory of Jean Valdez. – Sarah L.

For Stu and his best cat friend Rocky – Julie N.

In the memory of Gabby. Thank you for letting us share our lives with you. – Gail & Bob F.

I’m donating in the memory of my sister Barbara Jean B. who passed away March 16th and she truly never met a cat she didn’t like. – Linda B.

Huerra & Andora, You are missed dearly. – Francisco M.

Lisel Wiedemann, I love and miss you. – Justine B.

In Memory of Claudette L. – Beverly O.

For my mother-in-law, Claudette L. – Miranda R.

Donation made in memory of Claudette L. – Karen S.

Bennie you were the best baby! – Jackie H.

This donation is in memory of Linda Wamble. – Geraine A T.

Mama Kitty, you are dearly loved, never forgotten. You will always be in our home and hearts. You’re our forever kitty. – Mirian & Larry P.

Franklin, we will be together again one day. Mike C.

Our donation is in honor of the memories of our beloved feral, Levi, and his favorite dog, Courtney. – Susan and Mattie Scherr

Lars was a half feral and half domesticated love bug who is irreplaceable! – Maria A.

 This donation is in memory of “River” cat. – Geraine A T.

 In memory of Patricia Fanick. – Wendi G.

 In memory of Laurel. – Betty Y.

 This is in memory of Linda Wamble. – Geraine T.

 Bear, I dedicate this to you. – Blake F.

 Van Der F. – I dedicate this to you. – Josh C.

 In memory of our beloved feral, Levi – we miss you sweet boy. – Susan S.

  Cleo, Thank you for 20 years of sharing my life. Miss you – Susan H.

  Coco, rest in peace little angel. – Patricia M.

  Donation for Judy Jernigan R.’s efforts. I love and appreciate all that she does. – Joshua W.

  In memory of a loving mother and grandmother. – Melissa V.

  Cram Roofing is making this donation in memory of Art Rawlings who passed away recently. His wife mentioned that he loved and cared for a colony of feral cats in their neighborhood so we thought it would be fitting to make a donation in his memory.

  Ivory – I dedicate this to you. – Elida E

  To the members of SAFCC, Please accept this donation of $50 for your organization in memory of our good friend Janice Dyer who passed away recently.   We appreciate all the good work you do in our city. – Basil & Mary Jo A.

Ginger, I dedicate this to you. – Celia R.

In memory of Jan Dyer – Walter B.

In Loving Memory of Veronica May Eberhardt. – Frank and Maureen B.

In memory of Anne McLeod Morris. Anne’s love of her cats and stray cats were very dear to her. May this gift be helpful in the FCC cause. – Edward M.

We miss you, Levi – this is to honor you and all who follow in your paw print. – Susan and Mattie S.

In memory of our cat friend Bro. Bro and Sigh, I dedicate this to you. – William S.

Please accept this donation in memory of my father, Joe J. Rizzo. He was a gentle Spirit and animal lover.  We TNRed many feral kitties together. I still have 2 who are wonderful pets.

In memory of Lynroe A. Tschirhart who died 9-6-17

In memory of Suzanne Lepori.  I dedicate this to you.  – Kelly V.

In memory of Joanne Goodman who believed saving one cat will not change the world, but for that one cat the world will change forever. – Roberta B.

 In memory of sweet Minky yesterday. She was 19 yo. – Barbara H. 

 In Memory of Mindy N. and all her good works. – Marcela H.

In memory of my Harry, who took care of our colony with his brothers and sisters. We love you and miss you. – Nataly J.

To a wonderful cat who protected his colony, loved on his brothers and sisters, and gave us years of enjoyment. We loved you Harry. — Joshua J.

Shelby, See you at the bridge, miss you.

This is honor of “Tiger” a spirit animal lost too soon. And for his mama Liz.  —  Sylvia R.

Mindy – You were such a sweet cat. RIP

In loving memory of Oreo.

 On behalf of Rosa Garcia in memory of Bent Ear —  Kay G.

 RIP, You Deserve Your Rest. — Joseph C.

 Miss you every day Buddy boy. I will see you at the bridge. Love you always. — Teresa

 In memory of my father,who loved all animals and raised many feral kitties. — Jinee R.

 In memory of my mother, Frances, who loved cats and always took care of the strays. — Evan R.

 In memory of Duane L., brother of Mary L., who has been very active in the Trap, Spay & Release Program. — Linda M.

 In memory of Charles H., father of Tracy W. of Port St. Lucie, FL.

  In memory of our loving Moon Unit.

In loving memory of Portifinia.



In Honor Of …

In honor of my babies I adopted from you. Thanks for everything you do. – Suyen S.

Lucky, Tabitha and Tuxeda – Joseph G.

In honor of Susan Long’s Birthday. – Bess B.

Bob the Cat. – Janice S.

Thank you for all you do for our community! I got so much help from trapper Janine, and my little colony is doing well. – Jeanette P.

This donation is made in honor of Toni Verbeski’s birthday. – Georgia H.

Thank you for helping us trap, rehabilitate, neuter, and save a neighborhood feral cats life! We will forever support you! – Jonathan & Stephanie H.

For the furbabies. Many thanks for all you do. – Viveca T.

Thank you for saving that poor little blind kitten! I saw your post on Facebook. – Brendy V.

In honor of April Amen – Andrea L.

Thank you Sandy Guerrero for helping the kitties at Starclub Apartments! – Crystal A.

In honor of Dennis Mollgaard Sr.- Gary and Suzanne H.

Thank you Susan for helping Butterscotch. You are a community hero! – Kimberly H.

A little help to offset vet bill at Callaghan Rd Vet for Black Kitty Cecil. – Kathy P.

Smokey and Peanut – Dahlia M.

Thank you so much for trapping, spaying/neutering, and releasing my neighborhood’s cats. I really appreciate what you guys did to help control the cat population in my neighborhood. Shout out to DJ and Kate for trapping and releasing the cats back. – Elle

Joventina “Miss Willie” Gonzales. – Celestine G.

Want to thank Kay/Sherry for helping me with a stray named Pounce. He had a bad abscess and with their help he has recovered beautifully. Nobody wanted to help me but with Critical Care Fund they helped me. This donation is to help others as I needed it too…thank u sooo much. – Monica M.

Donation to go towards the Mahncke Park neighborhood TNR effort (organized by Susan G. with volunteer Joe serving as trapper). – Anna N.

In honor of Marilyn. – Grace R.

  Thank you for your service, Captain. – Rob H.

  Thanks to Sherry and all who work to make life for our feral cats more humane. In so doing, you make our human world more humane at a time when we really need that. Good on ya! – John T.

  Thank you for rescuing and caring for cats in need! I’m thankful for our SAFCC rescue cat, Peppy. We love him so much! – Lisa C.

  Donation for taking care of my stray kitty friend named Ziggy, thank you. – Janie J.

  Thank you to everyone – especially to Lorraine and Annie(helping the TPC/281- Villages shopping center). – Erin W.

  In appreciation of the all the colony caretakers! Thank you for all you do. – Debra C.

  Thanks for all the good work you do for the city’s feral cats. We hope to be volunteering in some capacity in two years. Thank you – Denise and Roy

  For taking on the kitty through adventuresfosters-thank you for being a rescue to those suffering! – Preeti S.

  I would like to say thank y’all and especially thank to DJ for all her very hard work and help she is a wonderful person and helping me a great deal don’t no what I’d do without her. I’d been trying to get help for a long time thank you Sandra as well for getting the ball rolling. – Shawn B.

  In honor of the 3 black kittens abandoned on Holbrook Rd. To give them a chance to find a loving home – Brenda B.

  Holly H. and Tracy S. – For all their caring on behalf of the kitties and pups of San Antonio. – Jay M.

  Bella the Beautiful! My sweet girl. Tuxedo queen! – Erin W.

  Once again, thank you for all the effort and work this organization does for the less fortunate cats in the San Antonio area. – Kathryn P.

  In honor of Megan Carr and Woodrow. Woodrow was a beloved SAFCC FIV-positive cat that we adopted 3 years ago. We will never forget him. – William N.

  All the Cats who chose me. – Alan M.

Devin Zimmerman (1970-2008) – In loving memory of Devin Zimmerman, lover of nature and human to Orca and Gus. – Vanessa L.

Sarah Harper, love you Sawa. – Amanda M.

Magdalena Wallace – Ilonka Wallace

Sophie, I miss you and hope you can find our way home! – Theodore G.

Thank you Sandy for helping the kitty at Starclub apartments! – Crystal A.

Thank you for helping foster a mama and kittens for my friend Austin Jeter! -Lilly F.

BobbiTail – Donna T.

I want to thank Monica for helping me to trap and neuter cats at my apartment complex. I am also very thankful to everyone as SAFCC for everything you do and all the hard work and dedication to help our community cats. And for your continuous effort during these difficult and uncertain times. Thank you all and special thanks to Monica! – Polina G.

Thank you Sandy (from Feral Coalition) for helping with the Starclub Apt kitty!! – Crystal A.

Love is the best gift of all, for the two little lights in my life, my two feral rescues, Daisy and Peaches! – Danielle L.

Thank you for helping Max. Janet D. and the Coalition saved the life of a wounded, vulnerable street cat. Max is in recovery with me now. – Sherry R.

Katrina K., I am making this donation in honor of my wonderful mom, Katrina. She is an amazing person, nurse, human and pet mom, and lover of animals. Love you mom. Happy Mother’s day! – Amanda K.

Dagne F., Happy Mothers Day, Mom! You care so much for others and I could not ask for a better Mom or support system. Love you lots!! – Marissa F.

Olive and Luke – These two are family and Im forever grateful that SAFCC cared and nurtured them until they were able to come home. – Catherine C.

Daisy and Peaches, the little lights of my life! – Danielle L.

In honor of an employees volunteerism. – Charles R.

Thank you for helping Arlo. – Kim M.

Thank you for helping to get the neighborhood cats on my street spayed or neutered. Time was what I lacked and your organization is helping me to do what is best for the cats and neighborhood. – Anthony V.

Thank you for assistance trapping cats! – Katie R.

Claudette Dykstra Lamphier – Stephanie F.

For Smokey Salazar on Valentine’s Day I wanted to sponsor a cat’s adoption fee so they can be more easily adopted and I picked Cipher. I spoke with Susan Schmalenberger already and she informed me Cipher is $85 and to make the payment here. Please apply this donation to cover his adoption fee for whoever may want to adopt him! Thank you so much! – Christina S.

Rhonda H. is a godsend. – Kate O.

&nbsp 52 Midnight the Coffee Cat bottles sold since Nov. 12! We matched cause it’s Christmas time and Midnight is sitting on my lap looking at me. . . Happy New Year and thanks for everything in 2019! – What’s Brewing

A special thanks to Sandy Guerrero for helping us with so many aspects of things. – Arthur W.

&nbsp To my beloved cats over the years who brought me so much joy. Thankfully, someone kind rescued them and I hope many more kitties can be saved. – Kathy B.

&nbsp Skye – Cynthia C.

&nbsp We love our Midnight! And our CiCi… and our Junior… and our Soxy… and our Papi… – What’s Brewing

&nbsp Baby – Cheryl H.

&nbsp Ms. Midnight Coffeecat – She’s the best boss everrrrr! – Sami C.

&nbsp Zombie, Fight and stay strong. – Donna H.

  In honor of Megan, a cat I adopted from you all years and years ago. I love and miss you, my baby. – Sean H.

&nbsp Proceeds from Midnight Coffee Cat bottle sales. Thanks y’all! – What’s Brewing Inc.

&nbsp Megan C. – Happy Mother’s Day! – Love, Kate, Mike and Foley

&nbsp Kay K. – Thank you for your ministry at St. Francis, especially your work on the lovely Lenten Devotions and the Prayer team. – Patricia

&nbspMonica Daniel – In recognition of her tireless efforts over the Christmas holidays to trap feral cats at our office – Thomas B.

&nbspLourdes J. – You are the angel for our neighborhood cats. – Marcia D.

&nbspCharli,Cole, and Jake…I dedicate this to you. – Rikki P.

&nbspCarolynn Snyder – Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Kiley

&nbsp In Honor Of Mrs Tabetha C. – Byron C.

&nbspMegan Carr and William Nichols – Thank you for all that you do! Love, Catherine and Sam

 Yvonne Zakrezewski – In honor of a beautiful lady who loved cats. – Barbara C.

 Alyssa, keep inspiring me by being you! Love you and your beautiful, kind heart. – Suzanne J.

 Cory and Madison B. – Congratulations! So happy for you guys and wish you many years of happiness! – Chris, Rachel, Gemma, and Lola

 Margaret Carolyn N., I dedicate this to you. – Andrea S.
 Hans N., I dedicate this to you. – Catherine K.

 Madison S. and Cory B. – I dedicate this to you. – Oscar T.

In honor of the life of Gloria Estrada – Gil S.

For Ginger and her siblings – Carol M.

 Happy Birthday Ben! It was lucky happenstance that feral cats would introduce you and Kate to my family. Wishing you all the best as you celebrate!! – Susanne M

 Happy (Belated) Mother’s Day! This donation is going toward a very worthy cause and will help countless cats & kittens in San Antonio! – Elizabeth C

This is to honor and thank Susan St. George and Sue and Chuck Swalla for helping me TNR two ferals now living on my front porch in peace and tranquility! – Suzanne E.

Happy Birthday Brandon A.!! – Hazel S.

Belinda, Many thanks for kindness above the norm, and for your service. With best wishes – Darle A.

In honor of Carman Cockrell and her love of all cats–sweet or grumpy, loving or shy–she loves them all. Kinda like she loves us! Merry Christmas Nana! – Love Jenn, Matt and the boys

Thank you, Tracy C., for all that you do for any creature in need. – Nancy R

Happy early Birthday Mom! – Catherine K.

In honor of Frank & Maureen B., thanks and keep up the good work. – Beverly C.

In honor of Mary Jane and Larry McKnight’s 50th anniversary. – Catherine N.

Happy birthday, Elizabeth!!! Love, Lisa

This gift is to honor the happiness Harold A Susskind Junior found in caring for feral cats in his neighborhood. Harold’s funeral will take place on April 5th. As I am unable to attend, I chose to honor his memory with this donation. – Candace B.

Kitty – In honor of our stray Kitty that had to be euthanized due to his advanced bad health. Hope you are enjoying kitty heaven! –Nataly B.

Jenny, I dedicate this to you.  — Patricia F.

Donating on behalf of Diane S.

Rebecca K.  I dedicate this to you.– Lorisha M.

In honor of Duane L. — Clare C.