SAFCC’s Trap Loan Program loans and sells traps only to those who have attended our training class.

Class attendees can call the Helpline (210-877-9067) and leave a message with their zip code. The Helpline volunteer will confirm their attendance and provide the trap loan volunteer’s (TLV) name and number for their area. A refundable deposit of $85 per trap is required. 3 traps per person is standard but the TLV can loan more depending on their inventory. The loan period is 2 weeks with one 2 week extension permitted. A Trap Loan Agreement is signed stating the traps will only be used for TNR or to trap a cat needing medical care.

Our spay/neuter clinics prefer the traps we use which are TruCatch traps. These are more humane than the silver ones with a slam-down plate that could injure or kill a kitten. Some clinics will only accept cats in Trucatch traps.

These are the traps we have for loan and purchase ($85). Dividers (shown with the regular trap) are also available to loan for a $25 deposit. Our Big Boy is $105 and is available for purchase.

Here are some helpful videos on traps: