Programs & Services

Community Outreach
Trap-Neuter-Return Class: Our online video class provides instruction on how to use our TruCatch traps to safely trap outside cats for TNR. This video can be accessed via our Homepage and is approximately one hour long.  Once you have viewed the video you are eligible for free trap loans and low cost spay/neuter services.  2021: 1,079 people were trained.                                                                                                                                                                                   Advocacy & Education: Advocacy is a big part of our mission. We welcome invitations to speak at HOA meetings, City Council Meetings, or any group that would like to know about TNR and how we can help. Public events provide an opportunity to distribute literature and inform the public. 

Trap Loan Program
Traps are loaned for free with a refundable deposit.  The class is a requirement as it teaches you how to safely trap cats – for them and you! There are “tricks of the trade” that are also shared in class which will help with difficult-to-trap cats. Pre and post op instructions are  given which ensures a successful recovery. There is a $85 deposit per trap which is refunded when the trap is returned clean. We accept cash or checks for deposit. The loan period is 2 weeks but an extension can be given up to 1 month. The limit is 3 traps per person. Traps can be obtained by calling our Helpline (below) New traps are available to purchase for $85.  2021: 1,250 traps were loaned.

Helpline (210) 877-9067
Our Helpline is dedicated to helping people with outside cat problems, questions, or issues. You can leave a message 24/7 and one of our volunteers will return your call. We make every effort to return calls within 24 hours. For this reason, it should not be used to report emergencies. We answer questions and refer callers to appropriate resources as needed. We are always looking for new Helpline Volunteers who share our same interest in helping outside cats and can spare 1/2 a day a week to call people back. Training provided!  2021: 8,461 calls were returned, averaging 705/month.

Spay/Neuter Subsidy Program
SAFCC subsidizes every cat brought in by our trained trappers. We do this so the cost to the trapper is only $20 per cat. An additional fee of $25 is assessed for cats over 45 days pregnant. We pay this fee as well so as not to deter trappers from trapping cats that look pregnant. We currently subsidize the San Antonio Humane Society, the Animal Defense League, and the Brooks Spay and Neuter Clinic. To receive this discounted rate, you must attend our TNR Class.  2021: 7,062 cats were subsidized and paid for at a cost of $272,716.

Adoption Program
We have a home-based foster program, that operates out of 5 Petco and 4 PetSmart stores, listed on the Adoption Page of this website. Kittens and friendly strays come from Helpline calls and TNR projects.  We are always looking for Petco volunteers and fosters. 2021: 1,674 cats & kittens were removed from the streets and placed for adoption. 

Cat Crisis Fund
This fund helps Good Samaritans and colony caretakers with vet bills when they find sick or injured cats. 2021: $25,084 was spent to help 264 sick or injured cats or to provide compassionate euthanasia. This program cannot fund chronic care.

Trapper Team                                                                                                                                                                The SAFCC Trapper Team is paid $20 per cat to TNR cats for those who are physically not able to trap themselves.  This includes recovery and handling any post-op complications. Trapper Team requests can be made through our Helpline or by Email. However, due to a shortage of trappers we are not able to do all requests. In 2021: 2,827 cats were trapped by our Trapper Team that would not have been spayed or neutered!