Mr. Cat and Roy

Mr. Cat and Roy

Hello fellow cat lovers.  With all the (undeserving) negativity ferals receive, I thought I’d share a positive outcome for two adult males.

When I started hearing cat fights in our yard, I set a humane trap and caught a tuxedo unaltered adult male, who eventually was named Mr. Cat.  I got him neutered, vaccinated, ear tipped, recovered him for a week, then released him in the exact spot where he was caught….my front porch.

The following week I was lucky enough to trap the cat that was rumbling with Mr. Cat.  He also was an unaltered adult male.  His name is now Roy.

I wish people would understand that it is not the fault of the “Tom” cats when they fight…it is the testosterone making them behave this way.

Mr. Cat and Roy no longer have the desire to fight.  They now eat side-by-side and will even lounge just a couple feet apart from each other.  I’m happy to provide them with food and fresh water daily, and I know they appreciate it.

Thank you for all you do for the Mr. Cats and Roys in our City.  I appreciate you.

Barbara Ann
Mr. Cat & Roy’s Caregiver  >^•^<