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Morracca was living in the woods with a homeless person when SAFCC was asked to help in September 2016. Although her “owner” was doing what they could to help her, Morracca had signs of extreme malnutrition, dehydration and mange. As you can see from her picture, she was skinny, and her fur coat had balding spots.

A SAFCC volunteer trapped Morracca and a SAFCC foster took her in and immediately started Morracca on her road to recovery. After a medicated bath, lyme dip, and several rounds of meds and vet visits, Morracca started to improve. Her now beautiful fur coat is returning to its original glorious condition and her sweet, mellow personality has started to shine. Morracca is doing so well, she is now available for adoption. Thanks to our volunteer efforts, this has turned out to be quite a Cinderella story!

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