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Felix is a big chonk of a cat with an even bigger purr-sonality. His ideal home is where he is the king of the house, or where he can be his lazy, chill self. He expresses his opinion by letting you know what he wants when he wants it. He will ask for pets and cuddles, time to chill, or to play with his favorite toys. 

He’s been in our adoption centers for a while now, but it’s difficult not to love this oversize tabby. Once you understand him and his boundaries, you can’t help but gravitate toward his stately presence. He is known to roll over when he feels comfortable around you. Remember, it’s a trap. Tummy is off-limits, but you are free to enjoy his company. 

Felix enjoys being a lap cat making his biscuit while receiving his dues via pets. If you are in need of a weighted blanket that you can pet, Felix is your cat. He can be a bit nippy when he is playful or not getting the attention he wants. This is why we think a household with older children that can understand boundaries is best for this cat. 

While we don’t know where this big baby came from, we hope he finds his forever castle and family.

If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Felix, please fill out our adoption form here.