Special Needs Adoption

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All SAFCC cats are spayed/neutered, dewormed, microchipped and have age appropriate vaccinations prior to adoption.

Shingle is a miracle cat >^..^<

At the age of four weeks, she survived a fall from the roof of a two-story apartment building. When Shingle arrived at her foster home her little head was very swollen and she had to breathe through her mouth. Despite all odds, she survived the ordeal, but she sustained a traumatic brain injury that makes her extra special. She has some peculiarities that set her apart from other kittens. She hops like a bunny and will paw at objects to determine distance. Shingle is a very hard sleeper. Unlike most cats that use litterboxes placed by carers, she will pick the place where she feels safest to eliminate. Once she found her “potty spot” she will use a litter box place there consistently. She seems to like narrow spaces, like the area between the commode and wall. Covered litter boxes are not a substitute, foster mom tried it all >^..^<.

Contact: Susan, 210-803-9334, susanschmahlenberger@msn.com, apply online: tinyurl.com/ccapadoptions


Contact: Lesa – ljtm429@gmail.com.  For a faster reply please send email directly.

Houston is a one year old soft gray and cream colored male cat who was born beneath a man’s trailer and was rescued when he was younger.  He is very sweet and lovable and loves people.  He gets along well with dogs and other cats.  However, Houston has had two seizures now.  Both were precipitated by placing him in a carrier for transport.  He is otherwise healthy and playful and you would never even guess that he has ever had a seizure.  He has been evaluated by a vet after each seizure and the vet thinks that his seizures may be triggered by fear/stress. 

We have used a harness and leash the only time he has been outside the house since then and there has been no further seizure activity.  He does not require medication or anything special other than avoiding closed in carriers (he might do fine in something like a wire kennel for transport).  He is one of the sweetest cats we have ever had (as is all of his brothers–this whole litter is sweet). He has been neutered, microchipped, and has had all of his vaccinations (I believe he will be due again in November)


Contact: Lesa – ljtm429@gmail.com.  For a faster reply please send email directly.

Sunny is a orange and white tabby cat that was abandoned on the streets.  He was obviously loved and cared for at one time.  He has a microchip but the phone numbers are not working numbers.  He was rescued from the campus of retirement villas, so I believe that his pet parent may have either become unable to care for him or passed away and the family put him out.  He had been out for several months when the security guard notified me and there was another feral tom cat there that was seen jumping on him.  I believe that is where he contracted FIV. 

He has never been ill with any infections since I have had him but he does have renal disease.  This is being controlled very well with medications.  He lives with other cats here at my house but would prefer to be an only pet.  He does not like dogs and would also not do well with another dominant male cat.  He is definitely a lap kitty and loves to give snuggle!  I believe he is about 8-9 years old. He is neutered and has all of his vaccinations (he will be due in December).