Special Needs Adoption

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All SAFCC cats are spayed/neutered, current on rabies and vaccinations, dewormed, micro-chipped, and tested for feline aids and leukemia.


Contact: Susan, 210-803-9334, susanschmahlenberger@msn.com

10 week old, female, Siamese mix kitten. Has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. Dob: 7-27-20.

Walks wobbly a few steps and falls over. Able to eat and drink upright. Uses astroturf litterbox. Plays like any kitten. In fact very active. Gets around, just takes her longer. Affectionate. Would do well in a household with a playmate. Joyful girl. Learn more about Cerebellar Hypoplasia.






Contact: Susan, 210-803-9334, susanschmahlenberger@msn.com

Ruby is an adorable muted calico female kitten. Date of birth guesstimated at 3-22-20. Her personality is sweet and affectionate. She is special needs. Rescued as a newborn kitten, Ruby’s foster family lovingly bottle-fed her and became her cheerleader. Three members of the family teamed up together to save this little girl. Ruby’s eyes are unequal in size. The vet thinks she is blind in her right eye and that her left eye is the healthy one.

As a very young kitten Ruby suffered a back leg femur fracture. She cannot bend that leg. As a result she has some litter box challenges. The foster family created a special Astroturf/litter box combo unit for Ruby and she does great with it. The unit will be donated to Ruby’s adopter. Ruby loves playing and running like any other kitten. Developmentally, she is behind her physical age. Ruby loves playing with other cats and kittens and napping in laps.

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Contact: Melissa at ellysialain@gmail.com
Odette’s mother was rescued from a home where she and many other cats and a dog were continually allowed to breed uncontrolled as their owner refused to spay and neuter any of them. All but one of her litter were born with kinked tails and poor Odette’s was the worst. She was also born with weak legs, seems to have some numbness, and is  incontinent in both bladder and bowels. Her vet suggested Spina Bifida as a possible cause, but she would need to have an MRI to find out for sure. Since it isn’t a life threatening condition, it’s up to her adopter if they want to get to the bottom of it. She’s also very small for an adult cat at a slightly chubby 6lb and still has a kitten-like appearance that she will likely keep for life. Some form of dwarfism may be part of her general condition.
She can still walk, run, and even jump and climb, but she does it a little differently than the average cat. She still loves to play with the other young cats and with toys. She is super sweet and has no idea she’s different. She does get a little scared in new situations, but she is too curious to let that stop her for long.  Her foster is working on getting her used to wearing diapers for her incontinence (she does have that stubbornness torties are known for!) and she will come with a set of reusable ones when adopted.
Odette is looking for a particularly awesome kind of home, with a family who will love her no matter what and is willing to accomodate her needs and manage all aspects of her condition. She deserves as much chance to thrive and find a loving forever home as any other cat, and her zeal for life is apparent in her playfulness and determination to do everything the other cats can do, despite her difficulties. If you are the kind of adopter she needs and are interested in meeting Odette, please email her foster, Melissa at ellysialain@gmail.com to inquire!


Contact: Lesa – ljtm429@gmail.com.  For a faster reply please send email directly.

Houston is a one year old soft gray and cream colored male cat who was born beneath a man’s trailer and was rescued when he was younger.  He is very sweet and lovable and loves people.  He gets along well with dogs and other cats.  However, Houston has had two seizures now.  Both were precipitated by placing him in a carrier for transport.  He is otherwise healthy and playful and you would never even guess that he has ever had a seizure.  He has been evaluated by a vet after each seizure and the vet thinks that his seizures may be triggered by fear/stress. 

We have used a harness and leash the only time he has been outside the house since then and there has been no further seizure activity.  He does not require medication or anything special other than avoiding closed in carriers (he might do fine in something like a wire kennel for transport).  He is one of the sweetest cats we have ever had (as is all of his brothers–this whole litter is sweet). He has been neutered, microchipped, combo tested, and has had all of his vaccinations (I believe he will be due again in November)


Contact: Lesa – ljtm429@gmail.com.  For a faster reply please send email directly.

Sunny is a orange and white tabby cat that was abandoned on the streets.  He was obviously loved and cared for at one time.  He has a microchip but the phone numbers are not working numbers.  He was rescued from the campus of retirement villas, so I believe that his pet parent may have either become unable to care for him or passed away and the family put him out.  He had been out for several months when the security guard notified me and there was another feral tom cat there that was seen jumping on him.  I believe that is where he contracted FIV. 

He has never been ill with any infections since I have had him but he does have renal disease.  This is being controlled very well with medications.  He lives with other cats here at my house but would prefer to be an only pet.  He does not like dogs and would also not do well with another dominant male cat.  He is definitely a lap kitty and loves to give snuggle!  I believe he is about 8-9 years old. He is neutered and has all of his vaccinations (he will be due in December).


My name is Maddie. I am a 4 month old female tuxedo. My siblings and I were found in a ditch during a rainstorm in Mc Allen, Texas. My foster mom took us home and cared for us till we were old enough to take us to a shelter so we could be adopted.

I was the only one they would not take in because I had a cloudy eye. She took me to the vet and nursed me back to health. My eye right eye is cloudy due to an upper respiratory infection. No shelter wanted to take me in because of my eye. My mom called the SAFCC and they told her if she drove me to San Antonio they would find me a foster mom and help adopt me so off I went on a five hour drive north to find my furrever home.

My new foster mom took me to Dr. Bonney a Veterinary Ophthalmologist in San Antonio. Other than a right eye which has no vision and needs a wipe in the morning my left eye has vision. I can see and have no problems getting around.

I am the sweetest angel, turn on my purr motor as soon as you pick me up or start to love on me. I need time to adjust to other cats and kittens and this is because I can smell them but feel threatened by them but once I get used to them I am fine. I love to play with my toys, started to climb the stairs and love to explore.

If you would like to meet me call/text Lorraine at 210-471-8462.  Email: crazykattlady67@gmail.com


Contact: Lorraine, crazykattlady67@gmail.com210-471-8462, for a faster reply, please send an email directly or call.

Cabo, is a brown tabby, teenager kitten about 8 months old (as of 11/2015).  When he was a kitten he had limited function of his back legs and he had to drag them to move about.  Thanks to good veterinary care and his foster mom’s TLC,  Cabo has grown a up to be a teenager in good health.   His back legs are still a bit weak, however that doesn’t slow him down for he gets around easily. Due to his minor handicap, Cabo will have to be an indoor only cat. He is a very sweet guy, playful, loves toys, loves to sit in the window, bounds up and down the stairs.  He loves the company of other cats.  He would make a great pet.


Contact: Lorraine, crazykattlady67@gmail.com210-471-8462, for a faster reply please email directly or call.

My name is Alice, I am a six month old (as of 1/21/16) brown tabby.  I would like to share my story with you. My colony feeder noticed one night I was injured so he called the SAFCC helpline. Your volunteer trapper DJ took the challenge in the middle of the night to rescue me. Then I was rushed to an ER vet. I was diagnosed with a prolapsed rectum! They reinserted the organ, stitched me up and off I went. Recover for seven days and I would be back on the streets. Well, that was not the case at all! After several attempts and doctor visits to keep my organ in I was referred to a specialist.

My foster mom took me to Affordable Pet Care on Grissom Rd. I meet with Dr. Earl who was kind enough to want to help me.  After all, I was a two month old kitten with no income. I spent many days with him and his lovely staff. They took exceptional care of me.  I became a regular patient, first name basis and even had my own kennel. I even had to eat special food. I am now completely recovered and have blossomed into a sweet, playful and loving girl. I will not have to go back on the streets because I am friendly. I am now going to adoption events in search of my furr ever home.