In Memory of our Beloved Family and Friends …

Mindy – You were such a sweet cat. RIP

In loving memory of Oreo.

 On behalf of Rosa Garcia in memory of Bent Ear —  Kay G.

 RIP, You Deserve Your Rest. — Joseph C.

 Miss you every day Buddy boy. I will see you at the bridge. Love you always. — Teresa

 In memory of my father,who loved all animals and raised many feral kitties. — Jinee R.

 In memory of my mother, Frances, who loved cats and always took care of the strays. — Evan R.

 In memory of Duane L., brother of Mary L., who has been very active in the Trap, Spay & Release Program. — Linda M.

 In memory of Charles H., father of Tracy W. of Port St. Lucie, FL.

  In memory of our loving Moon Unit.

In loving memory of Portifinia.



In Honor Of …

This gift is to honor the happiness Harold A Susskind Junior found in caring for feral cats in his neighborhood. Harold’s funeral will take place on April 5th. As I am unable to attend, I chose to honor his memory with this donation. – Candace B.

Kitty – In honor of our stray Kitty that had to be euthanized due to his advanced bad health. Hope you are enjoying kitty heaven! –Nataly B.

Jenny, I dedicate this to you.  — Patricia F.

Donating on behalf of Diane S.

Rebecca K.  I dedicate this to you.– Lorisha M.

In honor of Duane L. — Clare C.